15/08/2019     Lots of new concert dates online. Please visit the  Tourdates " chapter ".                                                                                  

08/09/2013     Lots of new pics online ... from the concerts in Hamburg,Germany 31/08/2013 & Beerzel,Belgium 07/09/2013.    

26/01/2013     Lots of new official band pics online ... With thanks to photographer Michel Hakim who covered exclusively for this site.

              TheKids2_zpsbc5257ac.jpg                      TheKids1_zpsdd5adabe.jpg







31/03/2012    Ludo talking about the legendary " Roma Hall " @ Borgerhout,Belgium & about The Kids first big concert as support act of

                           Iggy Pop @ the same hall in 1977".The report is now posted on the webpage. Please visit the " videos " Chapter.

                            Thanks to SUPO Web TV for this beautifull report.Also to Lisa Smolders for the interview with Ludo.

                           At studio thanks to Jackie Dewaele & Jan Hautekiet.And the complete " Music Boulevard " team.

30/03/2012    New tourdates for Switzerland,Germany and Belgium online. Please visit the  Tourdates " chapter ".

27/02/2012     LAST MINUTE ... The concert planned on saturday 03 march @ Antwerpen,Kiel " Stadsfeestzaal " is CANCELLED !!!

01/01/2012     Bass player " Danny De Haes " original member since 1976 has left the band. 

                            Danny's last gig was in Wuustwezel,Belgium on Monday Oct 31 st,2011.

                           We thank Danny for 35 years of rock and roll.

                           Danny ( will be ) is replaced by " Yves Van Lommel " from Antwerp.His first official gig/performance with the band as a full "

                           Kids " member was at the live tv broadcast of the " Music for life " event on Friday 23 rd,2011 at the Groenplaats in Antwerp.

26/12/2011   The live recording of " Music for life " show is now posted on the webpage. Please visit the " videos " Chapter.

20/12/2011    Voor de allerlaatste editie van " Music for life " zal  " Het glazen huis " op de groenplaats in Antwerpen staan.

                           The Kids treden er op om 21.35 uur ( soundcheck om 19.00 uur ) en zullen " There will be no next time " live spelen.

                           For the final edition of "Music for life" "Het glazen huis" will be at the groenplaats in Antwerpen.

                           The Kids will be performing "There will be no next time" live at 21.35,( the soundcheck will be at 19.00 )                         


26/09/2011    Let op : Voor het concert van vrijdag 14 oktober in Leuven zijn er maar 288 plaatsen beschikbaar.                                                                   

24/07/2011    New tourdates for Germany,France and Belgium online. Please visit the  Tourdates " chapter ".

03/03/2011    And The Kids soon on tour in Spain  and The Netherlands ....


01/02/2011     Punknight @ Heist op den berg ...

                                                TheKidsHeistopdenBerg.jpg Heist op den berg 19 februari 2011                                                      

02/01/2011   The first tourdates for 2011 are now online.

31/12/2010    Op nummer 1 in de lijst van favoriete Cobra-filmpjes 2010 vinden we Ludo Mariman die ons leert hoe je

                           een knaller van een punknummer schrijft ...

17/12/2010    Stem op het filmpje " Doe-het-zelf : een punknummer maken " met Ludo Mariman een van de de dertig geselecteerden voor

                           de wedstrijd " Best of 2010 " op en WIN !!!

                           Stemmen kan via deze link

04/12/2010    LAST MINUTE ... The concert today in Wuppertal is also CANCELLED  !!!

29/11/2010    The Kids will NOT be performing in Bremen,Germany this friday, december 3rd,the concert is CANCELLED  !!!

08/11/2010    New video online of the " Sinner's day Festival " performed Fascist cops  + Interview Ludo and aired on Canvas TV ( Belgium ).

26/10/2010    JUST IN !  LATEST NEWS  !!!

                           The Kids will be performing two shows on Sunday Oct 31 st.

                           1st show will be at the " Sinner's day festival " in Hasselt,the 2nd show,later that day will be at " Het Depot " in Leuven ...

                           Happy Halloween :))

16/10/2010    De radio 1 sessie van dinsdag 12 oktober was een fijne avond vol stevige rock and roll !!.

                           Met The Scabs en hun muzikale collegas The Kids,Guido Belcanto en meer.

                           Voorsmaakje kunnen jullie zien in hoofdstuk " Videos " met There will be no next time " en " This is rock and roll ".

                           De volledige uitzending word maandag 18 oktober INTEGRAAL  uitgezonden op radio 1.

                           Info tussen 20.00 en 23.00 uur . Later  word de opname uitgezonden op Canvas TV.    

                           " The Radio 1 sessions " recorded on Oct 12th was a night of good old rock and roll !!!.

                            Featuring The Scabs and their invited guests " The Kids ", Guido Becanto " to name a few.

                            Preview of these sessions can be seen in the " Videos " chapter .

                            Check out the " There will be no next time " and " This is rock and roll " footage !

                            The complete recording will be aired on Oct 18 th on radio 1.

                            Info from 8 P.M. until 11 P.M.

                            The recordings will be aired on CANVAS TV on a later date ... details will follow as soon as they are available !!!                

01/10/2010     Video online of the Scandinavian tour.Filmed by Roodkapje69.

                           Also new tourdates online

31/08/2010     The Scandinavian tour in september of The Kids in Norway & Sweden ...

                                                  Scandinaviantour2010.gif picture by TheKidspunk                                                        

26/08/2010     The Kids in december on tour in Canada.Please visit the  Tourdates " chapter ".

25/08/2010    " Hitfm radio " zendt het optreden van The Kids in Zandvoorde " Zandrock festival " integraal uit op 27 augustus.

                          Voor meer info ...

                          " Hitfm radio " will be broadcasting the complete concert from The Kids at the " Zandrock festival " live on august,27 th.

                           More info can be found on ...

                                                                       Zandrock2010.jpg Zandvoorde ( Oostende ),Belgium picture by TheKidspunk                         

24/08/2010     The Kids performed 2 tracks " Bloody Belgium " and " Fascist cops " live on " Villa Vanthilt ".

                            The live recordings are now posted on the webpage. Please visit the " videos " Chapter.                

20/08/2010     New tourdates online of the " Scandinavian tour " in september + Switzerland in october.

17/08/2010     The Kids will be special guest on 24 th august 2010 on Belgian tv show " Villa Vanthilt ".

                            The show will be recorded in Kortrijk and 2 songs will be performed live.

                            The show will be aired  tuesday 24 august on 9.35 P.M. ( één TV )   

16/08/2010      Lots of new pics online ... With thanks to photographer Jan Garrevoet alias " Jakke " who covered exclusively for this site

                            The Kids show at Deurne " Openlucht theater,Rivierenhof " on july 01,2010.

10/08/2010      New video online about " Willrock " festival in Wilrijk,Belgium with interview Ludo Mariman. 

02/06/2010     The Kids " Rock for Autism " on Saturday,june 19 ...

                                                             TheKidsFlyerWommel2010.jpg The Kids Wommelgem 19 june 2010 picture by TheKidspunk

23/05/2010    Lots of new pics online ... With thanks to photographer Luc Verdickt who covered exclusively for this site The Kids show

                          at Avelgem " Rock Avelgem " on may 22,2010.              

11/04/2010     For all bookings and info for concerts outside Belgium : contact 


10/04/2010     Lot of many new tourdates online.

24/02/2010     New video online of the Amsterdam gig from saturday 20 february 2010 filmed by Roodkapje69.

                            We posted also the flyer of the concert soon in Solothurn,Switzerland.

                              Solothurn-flyer.jpg Flyer picture by TheKidspunk                                                       

20/01/2010  The first tourdates for 2010 are now online.

05/12/2009  Afgelopen donderdag vond de opname van de jubileumeditie van de Eregalerij in de Kursaal te Oostende plaats.

                         Zondagmiddag op 06 december 2009 is de opname te horen op radio 2.De Eregalerij 2009 is een eerbeton aan de Vlaamse

                         muziek en artiesten van de afgelopen decennia.Heel wat artiesten kregen donderdag een prijs,Waar onder The Kids.

                         Katrien Palmers praat van 13 tot 14 uur met winnaars en bekende Vlamingen.

                         Wie er niet kon bij zijn kan van 14 tot 16 uur de volledige opname van de show beluisteren.

25/11/2009  New online ... videos of the gig in Barakaldo,Basque country and future tourdates.

10/11/2009  The gig planned in Oudenaarde on Friday 05 december 2009 is cancelled !!!New date in february 2010.

06/11/2009  The Kids soon live in  Basque country.

                         Pegata y chapa de The Kids gratis con las entradas anticipadas ...

                                                                TheKidsflyerSpain.jpg Live in Edaska, Barakaldo,Spain Sabado 21 noviembre 2009 picture by TheKidspunk                  

18/10/2009 Tickets for the concert in Ham " De Zille " on Friday 23 october ... or phone 011 82 16 61

01/10/2009  Ludo Mariman solo concert in Sint Niklaas on Saturday 03 october 2009 ...   

                                                                Ludo.jpg Ludo Mariman in concert ... picture by TheKidspunk       

01/10/2009  Lots of new pics online ... With thanks to photographer Maarten Marchau who covered exclusively for this site

                         The Kids ' show at Mariakerke " Gent rockt " ( september 19,2009 ).          

26/08/2009  The Kids soon live in Spain,for more info go to chapter " Tourdates ".

23/08/2009  Video The Kids live in Leuven " Marktrock ",Belgium friday 14 august now online.  

16/06/2009  Lots of new Tourdates online for the comin' weeks and months.

11/06/2009  New video posted of " Switserland tour " may 2009 filmed by Roodkapje69.

24/04/2009  The Kids live in OC De Kriekel,St-Jozefsplein 1 te 3980 Schoot - Tessenderlo on 25/04/2009 22.00 hours.                                                                                                           

08/02/2009   Pics online of the last concert for 2008 in Zonhoven,thanks for the pictures to Alain Hansen.

15/01/2009   The first tourdates for 2009 are now online.

07/01/2009   The video of the last concert for 2008 in Zonhoven " Teutrock " is now online.Hey Ho Let's Go ... for 2009.

13/12/2008   We posted new videos of the German tour in Berlin and Wutha 05/06 december 2008.

28/11/2008   Lots of new pics online ... With thanks to photographers Nick Muller & Jeroen Verrecht who covered exclusively for this site

                         The Kids  show at the Lokerse Feesten ( august 2,2008 ) and the show at Brussels,Ancienne Belgique ( september 19,2008 )

20/11/2008   " Belpop " is een reeks van zes documentaires waarin telkens één Belgische groep of artiest centraal staat

                          die zijn stempel heeft gedrukt op de populaire muziek in België en soms ook ver daarbuiten.

                          The Kids zijn aan de beurt op dinsdag 25 november 2008 op Canvas TV om 22.05 uur.

                          Aan de hand van archiefmateriaal en interviews met de artiesten zelf,groepsleden,producers en andere

                          getuigen wordt de muzikale carriére van de Belpop-iconen onder de loep genomen.

                          Zo brengt Belpop vergeten of verborgen verhalen uit onze nationale muziekgeschiedenis voor het eerst of

                          opnieuw aan het licht en op het scherm.    

                          Voor meer informatie                

"Belpop" is a series of six documentaries which profiles one Belgian band or artist who has left his mark on popular music in Belgium, and even beyond it's borders.

The Kids are up next on tuesday Nov 25th on Canvas TV ( Belgian channel ) @ 10.05 P.M.

Documented by footage from the vaults and interviews from band members, artists themselves, producers and other people involving the band, the career of these rock icons get highlighted.

For the first time, "Belpop" shows us an insight in the forgotten and undiscovered stories from our national music history, on our screen.

More info on

04/11/2008     4 videos of the great Canadian tour are now online.Filmed by Roodkapje 69.

16/10/2008     The Kids on tour in Canada ........................

              TheKids-FlyerMontreal2008.jpg Montreal,Canada oct 29 picture by TheKidspunk TheKids-FlyerOttawa2008.jpg Ottawa,Canada oct 30 picture by TheKidspunk            


12/10/2008      On the site of A.B. you can find a GREAT REPORT ( Live & Interview Ludo )  about the " REWIND " concert

                             at Brussels ...

08/10/2008      New tourdates online of The Kids live in Germany 5 & 6 december 2008.

04/10/2008      The Kids on " FACEBOOK "

22/09/2008      New Tourdates online for the comin' weeks and 2009.

                            Also the video with TV report De Rode Loper about " Walk of Fame " at Brussels + some live shots.                             

21/09/2008      Tomorrow 22 september on Belgian national channel " één " The Kids in " De Rode Loper " on 6.10 P.M.

                             If you missing the show ... we posted this here  couple hours laters.                           

21/09/2008      A lot of videos of the show @ Brussels Ancienne Belgique are posted.

                             And today Belgian national radiostation " Stu Bru " playing 3 live songs of The Kids at Brussels A.B.

                             You can listen this to next link ...  than click to

                             " herbeluister " click now to " naar de radiospeler " The Kids  playing after 1 hour 39 minutes and 10 sec.

                             There will be no next time - Baby that's allright - Fascist cops

20/09/2008      The Kids were celebrated friday 19 th september at the " Hall of Fame " at the Steenstraat in Brussels.

                             A tile was placed in the street just like you have the " stars " at the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood.

                             After this ceremony The Kids played a high energy show at the Ancienne Belgique.

                             Go to the chapter " pics " for more of this events.

                                        Brussels6.jpg Brussels " Hall of Fame " on Friday 19 september 2008 picture by TheKidspunk     Brussels3.jpg Brussels " Hall of Fame " on Friday 19 september 2008 picture by TheKidspunk

17/09/2008      Interview of Ludo in " Humo " magazine ... edition of this week 16 september 2008 #38.

15/09/2008      Today again interview with Ludo on Belgian radio station " FM Brussel " between 9 and 11 P.M. ( Belgian time ).

                             Follow this link to hear the live broadcast

10/09/2008      This saturday Ludo will be interviewed on Belgian national Radio 1's program " Allez,Allez " Hosted by Wouter Mattelin.

                            You can hear the show live between 1 and 3 P.M.  ( Belgian time ),Follow this link to hear the live broadcast      


                            Two Belgian magazines have a feature article on The Kids " Joepie " #37 from sept 10th have 1/2 page on Ludo while

                            " Knack/Focus " # 37 from sept 10 th have a 3 page article on Ludo & The Kids.                           


 THE KIDS play 'The Kids' (1978)

Afgelopen najaar lanceerde AB met veel elan een gloednieuwe reeks: REWIND. Centraal in deze reeks staan Belgische artiesten die integraal 'hun klassieker' performen. Noem het een mijlpaal in hun carrière of meer zelfs: een sleutelplaat uit de Belgische popmuziek. Het gaat vaak om albums die - zij het niet uitsluitend - in het collectieve geheugen gegrift zijn. Noem het ankerpunten in het Belgische muzieklandschap. Zo zullen elk jaar een drietal artiesten hun 'pièce de résistance' integraal spelen. Integraal? Jawel, exact in die volgorde zoals de artiest zijn/haar verhaal destijds (of nog steeds) wil(de) vertellen.

Met REWIND draagt AB tevens een steentje bij tot het activeren van het Belgische muzikale erfgoed. Tijdens de eerste editie werden klassiekers als 'Royalty In Exile' van The Scabs, 'Gorky' door Gorki en '1981-1984' van The Neon Judgement integraal gespeeld. Dit najaar staat de punkklassieker 'The Kids' van
THE KIDS centraal .

 THE KIDS play 'The Kids' (1978)
Firstalbum1978.jpg The Kids picture by TheKidspunk

 ' Wij zijn The Kids en wij zijn de eerste echte Belgische punkgroep.' dixit frontman Ludo Mariman in Humo.

De Antwerpse band THE KIDS werd opgericht in '76 en is (dixit Het Nieuwsblad) de enige echte punkgroep die België tot vandaag heeft gekend. Frontman/zanger Ludo Mariman ontdekte in punk de ideale expressievorm en liet - na de split in '86 - een oeuvre achter van 5 albums en één live album ('If The Kids...') die afgelopen jaar in een mooie box zijn uitgebracht onder de noemer 'Anthology'. Hieronder het album 'Living In The 20th Century' dat dixit Gust De Coster (auteur van het standaardboek 'Wit-Lof From Belgium' over de Belgische pop/rockmuziek) 'de eerste volwaardige rockelpee in België' wordt genoemd. Eveneens op hun conto: de klassieker 'There Will Be No Next Time', door Humo ooit omschreven als 'een wereldhit die er nooit een geworden is' en door Tom Barman gebruikt op de soundtrack van zijn filmdebuut 'Any Way The Wind Blows'. In '96 - 20 jaar na hun ontstaan - kwamen The Kids opnieuw bij elkaar en in '01 (een kwarteeuw na de oprichting van de band) namen ze in onze eigenste AB de explosieve live-cd 'Flabbergasted!' op.

Het gelijknamige debuut van THE KIDS verscheen in '78, exact 30 jaar geleden. Dit album mag zondermeer de enige echte punkklassieker van ons land genoemd worden. Focus Knack hierover: 'Ludo Mariman importeert de uppercut genaamd punk.' Guy Mortier schreef in Humo lovende woorden: 'The Kids brengen punk zoals die goed om horen is: fel en snel, enthousiast en vinnig, en prima composities zonder pretentie.' Zéér opvallend: 'The Kids' verscheen amper één jaar nadat 'Never Mind The Bollocks' van de Sex Pistols verscheen en de punkexplosie vanuit Londen woedde. Nooit eerder werd in België bij het ontstaan van een nieuw genre zo snel een volwaardig muzikaal antwoord geboden. Het album werd amper in één dag opgenomen (met de twaalfjarige Danny De Haes op bas) en dat in een opvallende produktie van Leo Caerts, wijlen orkestleider van Will Tura en auteur van 'E Viva Espana'. Songs als 'Do You Love The Nazis', 'Bloody Belgium' en 'Fascist Cops' blijven onsterfelijk. In de underground ontwikkelde het album zich tot een wereldwijde collectors item en is zondermeer het meest gezochte Belgische punkalbum. De versie in rood vinyl is inmiddels 125 euro waard... En inderdaad: de plaat duurt amper 25 minuten en 44 seconden. Wedden dat The Kids het hierna nog niet voor bekeken houden?

Voor het concert krijgt u alvast nog oud beeldmateriaal van The Kids te zien. Nadien, zoals de traditie het inmiddels wil, worden The Kids aan de tand gevoeld door Jan Delvaux (auteur van 'Big In Belgium. Het Verhaal Van De Belgische Pop') en Knack-journalist Wouter Van Driessche.

Line up:
Ludo Mariman (vocals, guitar)
Danny De Haes (bass)
Luk Van De Poel (guitar)
Frankie Saenen(drums)


Info voor tickets :


24/08/2008              We posted a very old video " Louie,Louie " live somewhere in Belgium in 1980.

19/08/2008              LAST MINUTE.... We add new tourdate (FREE ENTRANCE) of Beveren " Beverse Feesten " on sunday 31 august 2008

08/08/2008              The video is online about The Kids " Lokerse Feesten " from TV yesterday on " Festival Fever ".

06/08/2008              NOT MISSING THIS ... Thuesday 07 august The Kids again on Belgian TV at 2BE channel @ 11.10 p.m. 

                                     Show named " Festival Fever ". Presentation by Zaki.

                                     For more info ... .

                                     The GREAT VIDEO  of " De Rode Loper " is now online.Interview with Ludo and live shots of the Punk festival in Lokeren.

                                     Also new video ..... backstage,soundcheck + " This is rock and roll " live with The Kids filmed by Roodkapje69.

04/08/2008               Today on Belgian TV channel " één " The Kids in ... " De rode Loper " at 6.40 p.m.

                                      BUT  if you missin' this, the TV channel repeat  this on tuesday at 1.10 a.m. and the day after we posted this

                                      video here on the site.          

03/08/2008                The Kids yesterday live at Lokeren " Lokerse Feesten " , Belgium with The Sex Pistols and today here on the site with

                                       Belgian GREAT TV report ( één channel ) and more live videos of the show also lot of pictures.                   

23/07/2008                New video on the official My Space of The Kids..Live in Oostmalle"Freedom,Liberty,Democracy".                                            

12/07/2008                Genk on Stage  pics online. Thanks to Guy Baccarne for the pics.     

                                       Also The Kids on TV Limburg ....                         

22/06/2008                 Lot of many new videos and pics of the " German tour " in Köln and Aachen online.

                                       The concert in Genk on 27 june " Genk on stage " is  FREE ENTRANCE .                

14/04/2008                 The Kids live in Lokeren " Lokerse Feesten " Belgium on saturday 02 august with

                                        The Buzzcocks,The New York Dolls and The Sex Pistols.For more info go to the chapter "Tourdates"

24/02/2008                 The videos of the concert yesterday in Borgerhout " Hof Ter Lo " are posted.

16/02/2008                 FINALLY  the video footage of The Kids Japan tour is now online on the " videos " chapter.

                                        With A GREAT JAPANESE AUDIENCE,filmed by Roodkapje69.                                                            

13/02/2008                 PICS online of the concert in TOKYO " Shimokitazawa Shelter ",JAPAN on Sunday 10 th february

                                       2008.All pics are taken by Fumi of Japan.Many thanks for this.  

                                       Go to the " Pics " chapter and click link " Tokyo 10 th february 2008 ".

27/01/2008                 84 new GREAT beautiful pictures are again posted of the concert in Leuven " Het Depot " Saturday

                                        19 january 2008. Taken by Jaak Geebelen.

                                        Go to the " Pics " chapter and Click link " Leuven 19 january 2008 part II ".Many thanks to Jaak

                                        ( ).

                                        And on the chapter " Videos" we posted a old video of Do you wanna know from the Belgian movie

                                        " Het einde van de reis " released in 1980 with appearance of The Kids.

23/01/2008                     NEW VIDEO of Leuven " Het Depot ",Belgium Saturday 19 january 2008 on the chapter " Videos "

                                            with 3 songs " Money is all i need " - " I wanna get a job in the city " - " Blitzkrieg Bop ".

                                            With a GREAT WILD AUDIENCE.Filmed by Roodkapje69.

20/01/2008                      Yesterday The Kids live in Leuven " Het Depot " great concert with a amazing audience and today

                                             we posted 4 videos of the show + more than 60 pictures.

09/01/2008                       You can find again a new GREAT video in chapter " VIDEOS " of The Kids live in Paris " La

                                              Mécanique Ondulatoire " Saturday 05 january 2008 with 3 songs " I don't care " - No Monarchy "

                                              " 12xu " with a great French audience, filmed by Roodkapje 69.                                       

06/01/2008                        Paris " La Mécanique ondulatoire " on Saturday 05 january 2008... Régis alias LaGouille from

                                              France posted 8 GREAT videos on You Tube. Please go to the " videos " chapter on this page. 

                                              And look by " FAVORITES ".                                   

18/10/2007                        New video of The Kids on the official My Space of the band live in Merksem " De Volkslust "  

                                              Friday 12 october 2007 with the song " Sorrow " filmed with 3 camera's.

17/10/2007                        The Kids A.B.Brussels Rewind concert in 2008,more info soon.

                                              Also in 2008 Canadian tour of The Kids.Go to " tourdates " chapter for more info.

16/10/2007                        Many new  live videos + TV appereances of The Kids from 1996 to 2007.    

                                              Go  the " videos " chapter on this page.      

06/10/2007                       If you missed " The Kids " performance at the Provincieshow broadcoast on    

                                             Belgian television yesterday please go to the " videos " chapter on this page.






Ludo Mariman interview in Ché magazine Edition october 2007 nr.92

Ludo Mariman interview in P magazine Edition 02 october 2007 nr.40

The Kids live in TV show " De Provincieshow " performed " There will be no next time " on één TV 20.40 hrs Friday 05 october 2007 ( Belgium TV )






OUT NOW - The KIDS - Anthology 

Studio : Universal Music
Release date : 10/08/2007
Box type : Box Set

6 CD + 1 bonus DVD  Hof ter Lo (Antwerp, Belgium) 1982

Presentation on YouTube

More info @

Official " My Space " site of The Kids

Luc Van Der Poel on " My Space "

Freddy Bleys " Responsibly for merchandise " :


CD 1 - THE KIDS 1.  This Is Rock And Roll 2.  Do You Love The Nazis 3.  Bloody Belgium 4.  For The Fret 5.  Baby That's Alright 6.  Fascist Cops 7.  I Wanna Get A Job In The City 8.  I Don't Care 9.  I Feel Alright 10.  Old D.J.'s 11.  I'll Get You 12.  Money Is All I Need



CD 2 - NAUGHTY KIDS 1.  Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist) 2.  Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy 3.  We Are The Prisoners 4.  No Monarchy 5.  Through The Night 6.  Dead Industry 7.  Run Away 8.  Razor Blade For Sale 9.  Sixteen 10.  Naughty Boy 11.  Sex Queen 12.  Rock Over Belgium



CD 3 - LIVING IN THE 20th CENTURY 1.  Tonight 2.  Leave Me Alone 3.  Do You Wanna Know 4.  So Cruel To Me 5.  I'm Your Mirror 6.  Something Better To Do 7.  Queen Of Spades 8.  Some Day 9.  Here They Come 10.  Dance The Night Away 11.  Sorrow 12.  Louie, Louie  



CD 4 - BLACK OUT 1.  Johnny's On The Dole 2.  Tomorrow 3.  Lonely Man 4.  There Will Be No Next Time 5.  Lone Rider 6.  Wild Days Are Over 7.  Spend The Night With Me 8.  Innocent Girls 9.  Don't Say No 10.  My Only Love 11.  It Doesn't Matter Baby 12.  Another World  



CD 5 - IF THE KIDS... 1.  Tonight 2.  Rider In The Night 3.  Another World 4.  Driving So Long 5.  Dancing 6.  Rock Over Belgium 7.  It's Only Natural 8.  Do You Wanna Know 9.  Wild Days Are Over 10.  There Will Be No Next Time 11.  If The Kids Are United



CD 6 - GOTCHA 1.  Fooling Yourself 2.  Boring Man 3.  Tonight 4.  Pull Me Up 5.  Loneliness 6.  In The Heat Of The Night 7.  Hometown 8.  Break Away 9.  Dot It Now



DVD " Live in Borgerhout 1982 " - 1. Tonight 2. Rider in the night 3.Another world 4.Giving it all away 5.Rock over Belgium 6. It's only natural 7. Wild days are over 8. Lone rider 9. Driving so long 10. Do you wanna know 11. Dancing 12. There will be no next time 13. If the kids are united